Game jams entries

Dash Catch

Dash Catch is a multiplayer reflexe game where you play fish cats trying to eat each other.

The Witch, The Irish, and the Imp

The Witch, The Irish, and the Imp is a duel, where you either play the Irish hunter trying to kill the Imp with your shotgun or you either play the Imp avoiding hunter's bullets and collecting items for the witch ritual.

Black Whiskers

Black Whiskers is an hack'n'slash done for GBJam4, where you play as the pirate Black Whiskers and avenge the betrayal of your crew by a mysterious Big Boss.

Meow Zedong: The Great Helmsman, Future Chairman, The Urinal Leap Forward

Meow Zedong is a dogfight, or perhaps better a catfight game, where you play as Meow Zedong, peeing on capitalist cats and avoiding dollars.

Super Splash Fisticuffs

Super Splash Fisticuffs is a shooter-fighting game, where you play as a cat, an owl, a robot, or a luchador and push your opponents out of the screen using your watergun and jetpack.

Thank you for your cooperation

Thank you for your cooperation is a dystopian game, where you play as a functionary from the Denizen Control Ministry.


Furbrawl is an action-platformer, where you play Fury, a furret fighting the evil General Meow.

Final Move

Final Move is a point-and-click adventure, where you play as ghost trying to finish his final moves on earth and reconciliate with his father.

Meow: the Great Starvation

Meow: the Great Starvation is a food infiltration game, where you play as a cat eating food at a foreigner's place.


STRIDERS is a runner-shooter, where you play as a cyborg fighting against hordes of mechanized enemies

The Last Promise

The Last Promise is a narrative game, where you play Him and you are going forward to the concretisation of the last promise you made to Her.


Trials is a ray puzzle game, where you play as a little angel passing his exams.